Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another semester done~

It's over! Finally! Well actually it's been over since the 10th which was last Thursday xD Anyways, here be my final grades~ Since I'm not embarrassed to show them.

Not perfect by any means. But I tried and did my best. Twas a very hard semester. I'm just glad it's over and I'm looking forward to Christmas ^_^ Gots a whole month to be out of school and be sort of lazy. Since I still have work. Anyways, yeah. Gaming wise I'm still playing Star Ocean: First Departure and Mana Khemia 2. We'll see after that.


  1. Aw, I've had worse semesters then that. Thems be pretty good grades actually. But seriously, those grades be fine. You passed and now you get to burn that book XD

    Hehe, me too~ Only 9 more days ^_^

  2. The two C's are like borderline B's. That's why it's sad. I was so freakin' close. Like I'm talking 79's here. I'll just have to get over it. Not like I would take them over if I could. And you can't actually. The college won't let you if you got a passing grade no matter what it is. Tis a lot to deal with and I'd like to see someone else handle this semester. And work at the same time. Anyways, yeah they're fine. I still would have liked to have done better but it's over. Haha, yes I can~

    Yes, it be very close now ^_^ And I still don't think I'm going to get your present in time *sigh*

  3. I don't know of any college that'll let you retake a passed class. Haha, most college students don't have jobs, so I'd like to see that too. I don't understand how they don't to be quite honest. But I've been working since I was 16 so I guess it would surprise me.

    Hm? Don't worry 'bout that. I'll enjoy it every bit as much when it does get here either way, because it's from you~ ^_^

  4. My community college would. Because crazy people retook so many dang classes to have a perfect GPA. I'm like seriously? It ain't gonna matter. If you got a B take it and run. And with the classes I have now, I'm taking a C+ and running with it too. Haha, I know most college students don't work. People make that fairly obvious to me. I started working right out of high school. So when I was 18 basically. Because well I went to college right out of high school and had to get one. And you already know I've had the same job all the way up till now.

    I won't worry about it. Imma explain it all once you get it ^^; You'll probably understand anyways once you see. Anyways, I know you will. I'm excited for you to get it. I'm also excited about what yours is~

  5. I see. I never went to community college. Well except for that one class in high school. An astronomy one that we needed to use the celestial dome on the campus.

    Haha, okay. That'll work. Mmm, most likely yes. Aw, I'm excited to see what it is and for you to see what mine is too~ ^_^