Tuesday, December 29, 2009

MK2 Extra Scenario Complete~

So now I am completely finished with MK2. And I am not 100 percenting this game. No way. Anyways, twas a fun game and the ending was awesomeness. I so loved how that graduation ceremony was carried out xD And something I totally expected from you know who~

My comments on the final boss of the extra scenario dungeon. I definitely had to go all out in that fight. Pulled out all the stops. Time attacks, barriers I had to break down to do any damage, plus blocking out the time slots so I couldn't see what was going on. Seriously was the best fight in the game for me. I loved it. Thank you Enna for destroying his time attack cards. That would have been bad otherwise. I spammed time attacks myself and just an assortment of other things to stay in the game. My party was Raze, Ulrika, Et, Enna, Chloe, and Pepperoni. I didn't beef them up too much before the fight. With those stat fruit items. I bought an assortment one time to deplete the rest of their AP after filling in all of their growth book stuff. I had all the items filled in their books. Ended up with 75%+ completion for my team in the end. Cuz I didn't have the last slot of alot of items available. No matter. I won in the end. And I love this picture~ Don't look if you haven't beaten the game. I just have to warn peeps.

So, not sure what to play next. Console wise. Phantom Brave is an option. Well, there's alot of options but yeah. Hm, I think Phantom Brave will be the choice though. But I also have the urge to finish Odin Sphere too. And I really wanna play Muramasa: The Demon Blade. So many choices. We'll see~ ^_^


  1. Yay~! Finally done with that xD

    I said it before, I'll say it again. Real graduation should be like that~

  2. Yep xD And it only took forever. But it was fun~

    Haha, I totally agree. That would be awesomeness~