Monday, December 21, 2009

I has beaten Star Ocean: First Departure~

Haha, it has so been a while since I've beaten a game. Not since Yggdra Union if I recall correctly. Anyways, this game was short. I beat it in a little over 20 hours. The final dungeon I destroyed because I had powerful equips. But the final boss at the end definitely provided a challenge. I mean I had the power to knock him out easily but so did he. So it was kind of power against power here. His second form smacked me down with a gameover the first time. Ridiculously powerful spells. I mean all 4 of my party members had over 4000 hp and with one spell he knocked them down to like 600. Luckily Millie is a fast healing machine. I needed to have full Hp at all times just in case he did that.
His first form had some powerful spells too but he died too quickly to use them much. It went down rather easily. Then the second time around at his second form I got him. I did alot of running around with Roddick letting Ilia and T'nique attack and Millie healed. I tossed some healing items at them too. I was mostly trying to keep myself from getting killed. In the end I won with two characters dead xD T'nique my awesome wolf dude landed the final blow. I don't know how much Hp this guy had but it was alot from what I can tell. Took a while to bring him down. Well that and he was parrying me alot too. So here be the info on my final party. I don't remember exact stats in that I've leveled up a ton since then ^^;

Roddick Farrence
Level: 63
Force Sword
Sylvan Mail
Mithril Shield
Mithril Helm
Mithril Greaves
Star Guard
Amulet of Freedom

The character I controlled the entire game. Had the most defense going into the final fight. Over 600. And over 1400 attack. Double Slash and Dragon Roar were my skills of choice~ Could have had over 1900 attack with this one sword I made him but it had way too many elements tacked onto it that enemies blocked or absorbed. Talked about a waste.

Ilia Silvestri
Level: 63
Dragon Claw
Dueling Suit
Kung Fu Shoes
Emerald Ring

She had over 500 defense and 1100 attack going into the fight. Avenging Fist and Meteor Palm were the skills I set for her to use~

T'nique Arcana
Level: 64
Enhanced Halberd
Dueling Suit
Dream Crown
Elven Slippers
Foot Insignia
Hammer Charm

Awesome blue wolf dude! Ahem. He had over 500 defense and 1600 attack going into the final fight. So yeah, he was a beast for real. Double Destroyer and Hurricane Strike were the skills I set for him to use~

Millie Chliette
Level: 62
Crested Rod
Mithril Mesh
Hermit's Cap
Elven Slippers
Emerald Ring
Leaf Pendant

Not much to say about her stats. I mean she didn't attack. She healed the entire time. She doesn't have too many attacking spells anyways. And as you can guess her defense wasn't that great. Over 300 at least but yeah. Doesn't matter because she stayed out of harm's way and just healed like a good spell caster~

Anyways, there's still a post game dungeon to do. And it's gonna be hard. I've already traversed some of it and gotten my butt kicked once from the random enemies. But now I'm moving along. I mean when you start leveling up 5 times after a battle your characters get strong. They be level 80-81 now. Still using the same team and will continue to. I'm looking forward to seeing how strong the post game boss is. Will come back with that information when I beat it. Gonna start Star Ocean: Second Evolution right after that~


  1. lol I bulk my healers up like crazy xD They usually they end up being my best mage and a total tank too. Gots to keep the healer from getting ko'd. And nice on the post game leveling~ That's what I was doing in Trinity Universe with Pamela for a little bit.

  2. I tried to bulk Millie up xD As best I could. She did good surviving though. I was proud of her. But yes I protected her as did my other 2 peeps. Mhmm, leveling became much easier in the post game dungeon. I reached level 100 easily. Always fun to level up massively.