Tuesday, December 29, 2009

MK2 Beaten~

Well, I finished Raze's path a while back. But never got to finish Ulrika's in that I started it in the hardest part of the semester at school and yeah. The time could not be found to play it then. But I'm done and I must say between the two I don't know which final boss was harder. I was pretty well prepared on both sides so it was kinda even for me difficulty wise. They be the most challenging fights in the game anyways. I gots screenies of some things. First off everyone's equipment along with stats. Oh and the last pic could be spoilerish to an extent.

Ulrika provided some good healing during the fight. And when the dang thing summoned peeps to help she had Cannon Ball to provide some range damage to hit all of them.

Chloe was a dang beast. I got her magic attack pretty high there. So she was dealing awesome damage to the thing. Pulled off her Finishing Strike and Intimate Strike in this fight too. Yeah, her FS dealt a major blow. She also had Heaven's Rebel which hit all enemies and freakin' pwned the field when I used it. Cuz those things it summoned were totally weak to light. So I got rid of them pretty quickly this way. Even though the magic costs 150 Sp ^^; But she recovered that back quickly.

Pepperoni did some awesome knockbacking. I swear I got so many dang turns before the boss even got to attack when the fight started. He dealt some good damage too.

Enna was awesomeness as always xD Time attacks all over the dang place. But I was careful about using his wind element ones because at random times the boss would absorb wind.

I don't really have much to say about Goto. Though I did deal a good amount of damage at the beginning when I made use of my built up Goto points. He could knock back too but not as effectively as Pepperoni. He did buy me some more time though.

And a random snap of the battle field there. The boss was at half Hp at this point I think. Or almost. Fun fight was fun.

Anyways, the extra scenario is gonna be fun just because I can use whoever I want and I know how to beef up massively. Time attacks are gonna be the bomb. I'm so gonna spam them. Which means Et and Enna for sure are coming with me. Not sure who else. Chloe for sure just because she kicks major butt. I'll figure it out tomorrow. When I shall begin actually exploring the dungeon ^_^ Until then~

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