Friday, January 1, 2010

Odin Sphere~

Yep, I have started a new game. Again. Started playing through it when I first got it then got distracted. Not like that's surprising. But I will finish it this time. I'm focusing on a few games at a time right now and not stopping until they're finished. Anyways, I really love how this game looks and the gameplay. Shoot I love the characters and the voice acting too. Top notch stuff right there. But the visuals of the game are stunning to the eye. I adore it so much. And the game provides a pretty dang good challenge. I'm playing on normal. I don't wanna imagine hard mode at the moment. Anyways, each character's story is separated into chapters and acts. I really like how this is set up too. With an area you go to in each chapter, completing levels to move on to the next area of the map. You can move right to the main boss of the chapter without even completing all the levels of that area if you want to. But that's no fun to me.

I'm currently on Gwendolyn's story, Valkyrie. Since that's what she is. I already know my favorite character from playing before and his story comes after hers. I can't wait~

And no matter how many times I do this I still think it's funny to stop in the middle of battle to plant some seeds xD But it's essential to get fruit and stuff that boost your Hp level. Tis very fun though~

I also love making a stash of Napalms through alchemy to do alot of damage to bosses. The explosion it causes~ *gets chills* Haha, sorry, I just love doing that though. I'm carrying a bunch right now as I speak. So, we shall see how long it takes me to finish this story and move on to the next. There be 4 character stories to go through. Fun for all and all for fun~ ^_^

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