Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quiet blog is quiet...

Well, I haven't really had anything to talk about. I haven't beaten anything or bought anything that I feel the need to talk about. That and school is back in session so expect this place to be like this for a while. Until probably Spring Break in March. Which starts the 8th. That and I'm dealing with other pressing issues too. I'm going to be working my tail off in school so yeah. Time is best spent elsewhere. One class I already know is going to take up a multitude of my time. There are no tests. The entire class is getting a business up and running with a team of people. Fake business obviously. And you're graded on this project alone. Sounds crazy and very time consuming. Anyways, enough with the stressfulness of school. No one wants to hear about that.

Um, currently I'll only be playing Etrian Odyssey for the most part. Tis the easiest game while I'm in school. Cuz all I'm doing it grinding and it's on the DS. So when I make any progress in that I'll update. Currently have 2 more characters to work on to level 70 then I can move on. So yeah, thanks for reading and stuff. And here's to hoping things work out for me where I need them to.


  1. I'm sure those things will work out just fine~ Just gotta hope for the best since it be out of your hands. As for school, boring is as boring does but it's almost over ^_^

    Ooh yes, grinding can be fun~ For a little while lol

  2. Yeah, I know. That's all I can do. Hm, yes school always is xD I'm just glad it is almost over. There be alot of work to go though.

    Yeah cuz I get distracted from it ^^; Way too easily. Or fall asleep in the process.