Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Get~

Yeah, I had to get pictures of this because who knows when it will ever happen again here. 4 inches of snow at least. People here are so silly too. You know what you cannot buy right now here? Sleds. They're totally sold out. No one has them cuz everyone bought them. No joke. Snow makes people crazy. It really does. But not me. It just makes me happy ^_^ As long as I don't have to drive out in it.

Here be a picture of the gazebo. I think it looks pretty like that. Two kids were building a snowman somewhere behind the tree too.

Yeah, that's just my feet xD I'm just showing how deep it is. Plus I have the cutest pajama bottoms and feet in the world. You know it's true~

Yep, that be my car right there. That ain't going nowhere this weekend. So that snow will just stay there xD

Nice shot of the house here. The driveway off to the right is pretty well covered.

The random windmill thingie in the yard. I really like this thing though. I'd wanna kiss someone in front of it. Wait, did I just say that out loud? Ah well. That be the neighbor's house there. But no one lives there right now.

Anyways, supposed to get more today. How much remains to be seen. Good snow is good I must say. Too bad I have no one to throw snowballs at. Just hoping it doesn't get too nasty here from all this. Guess we'll see.

Btw, in case you were wondering, these pictures were taken with my DSi. That thing can take some pretty good pictures I must say. It's now my camera as well as my main DS to play stuff on xD


  1. Huh? Really? People clean out the sled stock? That's hilarious. We've got two sleds already xD They're both really old though. Had them since at least the late 80's.

    Ooh~ Gazebo xD I've never seen one of those up close before ^^;

    *glomps Emmy's legs* Any part of you is cute~ And yes, those are adorable pajama bottoms.

    tsk tsk... I don't see no snowman you said you were gonna make~

    DSi can take pictures? o_O They put cameras on everything these days. Cool though.

  2. Yep, they sure did xD Pretty hilarious I know. We don't even have one as far as I know.

    Allison and Matt had their picture taken standing in the gazebo. I think for their wedding invitations. It was really pretty.

    Haha ^_^ Why thank you. And I knew you would think so.

    Hm? Um, hehe ^^; Emmy got lazy yesterday. And doing other stuff.

    Yep, it can. It's got two cameras actually. One on the outside of the top screen and one on the inside that pretty much aims straight at your face. But yeah, they do. Just like my cell phone. And I can't believe you didn't make a comment about what I said about the windmill thingie~ *looks at him*

  3. Ooh, they should have done it with snow on it xD Course I'm sure it looks just as nice without it.

    Huh? ^^;; Um... I missed it. *reads* Ooh~ I'd be happy to oblige that wish ^_^

  4. Haha, yeah it would have looked good xD I think they did that in the summer. Maybe spring. Either way in a time where it was too warm for snow. But yeah, it did look nice.

    I knew you would ^_^ You know I did that specifically to get your attention~