Tuesday, February 9, 2010

3 New Games~

Well, I actually bought them on Saturday. I just didn't have time to say anything about them because of college and tests. Stuff like that. One is an old game that I got cheap, another is fairly new, and the last one is definitely new. Hasn't been out long at all. So here they are~

Yeah, this is the old game. Been out for a while and I've been looking for it. I could have gotten it off the internet I suppose but whatever. I got my hands on it either way. And yes, I have the first game. They're extremely fun games. If you like running around and killing stuff, like huge beasts, go for it. Course there is strategy in the missions you face. Like carrying an egg all the way back to the base and having to dodge a huge dragon wandering around outside. It'll kill you and break the egg. Lets just say that xD

This one is fairly new. Dungeon crawler type of game. Which you could have figured out from the title. It's like the only Pokemon spinoff series from the main series I like. I have Explorers of Darkness too. Never owned the first Mystery Dungeon games from a while back. Doubt I ever will. This game is fun though. Course I'm a dungeon crawler type of person so yeah.

Last and certainly not least, Sands of Destruction. Yay RPG's! I've been following this since Japan got it way back when. Course it was called World Destruction there. Ah well. Name changes. This game has a dang teddy bear with an eyepatch and a bandanna. You gotta know me to know that I think that's epic win. This game has a pirate feel about it anyways. Looking forward to playing it. Oh and this game also has an anime. Not sure which came first. The game or the anime. Might look into that too at some point.

My only problem is finding time to play these mucho fun games ^^; Spring break sounds good! Course Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver come out here after that. So many games, so little time~


  1. Ooh~ New games ^_^ If I was still using my DS, I'd have gotten that last one.

    Um, well couldn't you kill some of the time in those huge gaps between classes on Mondays & Wednesdays with them? I mean in between doing homework and talking to me xD

  2. I be a DS maniac really xD At least right now. When I can actually put time into console games I'll play them again too. Portable games be my thing during school.

    Oh well, I'm usually studying or something else then ^^; I could do that but yeah.