Friday, August 13, 2010

The best of the best: Video game music~

Alright, I've been thinking of new ideas to add life to my blog. Posts I can do and stuff like that. So, every now and then I'm going to post these little thingies called "The best of the best" in some category of my choosing. These are my opinion type of things obviously. Not going on general consensus or something like that. And it's fun to learn new things about people, right? ^^

So, lets start with video game music, shall we~? I got the idea for today because I was playing Donkey Kong Country 2 and was reminded of just how utterly amazing the music is in that game. But for this I'm only choosing one song from a game. Otherwise this could get rather long ^^; Even though it's hard to choose sometimes. Anyways, lets begin. And this is in no particular order. Just how they come to mind.

Donkey Kong Country 2~ Stickerbrush Symphony
Alright, this right here is just one amazing piece of music. I do know that many other people would agree with me on this one. Just from reading and listening to stuff on the internet. But anyways, if you have time I highly recommend giving this a listen. I don't even know what it is about it that makes it so good to me but why try to explain it? It's just awesome. Period.

Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia~ Phantasmagoria
Yeah, okay, I could have listed like a bunch of music from this game I love. But I'm sticking to only picking one song ^^; And this is my favorite from this game. I still remember beating this game for the first time and listening to this song. I freakin' loved it. Tis amazing just like the game itself.

Ar tonelico 2: Melody of Metafalica~ EXEC_VIENA/.
The same goes for this game that I said above. Way too much good stuff to choose from. But this song will always stick with me. It plays during my favorite scene in the game and is sung by one of my favorite characters ever. I am expecting good things AT3 xD You better represent. Whenever I play you someday.

Tales of the Abyss~ Overflowing Emotions, Reunion
Yeah, one thing you'll notice alot of times is my favorite music from games is connected to my favorite scenes. And this one comes straight from the ending of this game. Which I loved. And Luke is another one of my favorite characters ever~ The title speaks for itself and it does convey alot of emotion.

Skies of Arcadia~ Epilogue
Yeah, yeah, where to start ^^;; Cuz this is my favorite game ever in so many categories. So hard to choose... Ahem. But yeah, this plays at the end of the game obviously and this game had an awesome, amazingly wonderful ending. How could I not love this music when I picture it in my head whenever I hear it? So yeah, I think that explains that.

Super Mario RPG~ Forest Maze
It's freaking catchy as heck xD I love this music. Besides, it's in this forest that you get Geno~ And Geno is awesome beyond words. I wanted him to be Brawl so bad but alas it didn't happen. Anyways, tis an amazing game to boot too.

Persona 4~ The Genesis
Final boss music ahoy~ Seriously, it's freakin' awesome. I remember enjoying this music so much. And the final boss was no push over. Just made things more epic. The very end is what I love the most. If you listen to it all the way you'll know what I mean.

Final Fantasy IX~ You Are Not Alone
The second of only two FF games I've ever beaten. And nothing will ever beat this one as my favorite. I love it so much. The title of the music speaks for itself and the scene it plays at in the game.

Legend of Legaia~ Cave of Warmth
Man, I love this game too~ And I remember you first meet Noa in this cave. And Noa is adorable. Period. So yeah, this music reflects this very well I must say xD

Radiata Stories~ Tekuteku Aruku: Karaoke Version
Ah, this game was so silly~ But it was a good game. No joke. It had its own charm that just can't be duplicated. Anyways, this is the ending music. Just the music. There is a vocal version but I like this better.

And I think that'll about do it. That's 10 so I think I should stop there. All these games I listed have incredible music anyways so I'll leave it at that. I hope this was at least slightly entertaining ^^; Or interesting. Anyways, until next time when I come up with another topic~

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