Saturday, August 21, 2010

The best of the best: Platformers~

Obviously video game platformers cuz I don't know any other way that word could be used. And according to spell check it's not even a real word xD Anyways, I apologize in advance because Castlevania, Metroid, Mega Man and stuff like that will not be included in my list because I never played those when I was a kid and never really got into them. However, I make mention of them because they deserve recognition. There are others series I never played but that's life. And these are my thoughts. So without further stuff let's begin~ In no particular order once again.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest~
All of these games constitute as good platformers. But this is, in my opinion, the best one out of all three. In different categories such as music, difficulty, and level design. It tops the other 3 for me. Difficulty in that it gets much harder in the later levels. And K. Rool is probably the most difficult to beat in this game. Level design because they cleverly hide things like bonus barrels and the DK Coin very well. And the levels are just interesting. It's just a solid platformer all around.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island~
Yes, I like this game more than the SMB games and SMW1. Probably because I like Yoshi more than anyone else in the Mario series xD Anyways, my other reasons are the art design, game mechanics, and level design. I really adore the art style in this game. It was designed to look that way it does because Mario is a baby. And while that annoys some people, I enjoy it alot. Game mechanics like throwing eggs and butt stomping things is awesome. And level design is amazing. Finding everything in the later levels gets pretty tricky. Not as bad as Yoshi's Island DS mind you *shudders*

Sonic the Hedgehog 2~
Yeah, I know most people are like what? Not 3 or Sonic and Knuckles? Yeah, you heard me right. I like 2 the best. And yes, it's complete coincidence that every game so far has a 2 in it xD That's just how it ended up. Anyways, the game has awesome music and good level design. It's just always been my favorite and one of my favorite platformers. Maybe because it introduced Tails and he's my favorite character in this series. I know more blank stares because of this too. But I don't care~

Kirby's Adventure/Nightmare in Dreamland~
I'm talking about the NES game but there is a remake on the GBA called Nightmare in Dreamland. Which is also really good. Anyways, I loves Kirby~ His ability to gain enemy's powers I always found extremely fun. And getting 100% in this game isn't too easy. Mostly it involves having the right power and trying not to lose it before you get to the part you need it at. Also, the mini-games are freakin' fun. The crane game and the quick draw! Quick draw was so awesome xD I'm glad I got this off the Virtual Console again.

Spyro the Dragon~
Yep, the first game on the PS1. I freakin' love this game. I love all three of the original PS1 games but this one is my fave. Love the music, the areas, and just everything. Getting 100% is a challenge too. I played this to death when I was younger. It was just one of those games. Course all of them I've listed fall under that category xD He's the dragon with the attitude~

And that'll be it~ This be my top 5 pretty much. And I don't wanna go over 5 for this one. Anyways, till next time with whatever topic I come up with xD And my .hack GU volume 2 commentary be coming soon~

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