Thursday, August 19, 2010

Final semester of college begins~

Well, it started yesterday but that's beside the point ^^; Anyways, 4 hard working years to get this done. Started in the fall of 2006 and am finishing in the fall of 2010. 4 years exactly. And I'm ready. Time to actually do what I wanna do. Find the job that I want and get to be with a certain someone ^_^ I'm pretty excited about that. Just have to work hard and get through these classes. I wish anyone else who started school recently or will be starting good luck~ No matter the grade level. Let us do our best ^^


  1. Aww, yes it's definitely time to finish off school. Get the boringness over with. Hehe, we shall be soon enough ^_^

  2. Indeed~ My thoughts exactly. I shall feel so much better with it done ^^; Mhmm~ It be getting closer everyday ^_^