Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Etrian Odyssey 3 and artbook~

This be what came in the mail today~ Something I've been looking forward to even though I can't play it yet xD Anyways, Atlus has done a great job once again in alot of ways. I love the new character classes and additions in terms of exploring. I haven't played it yet but I already know about them. And also because of the awesome artbook they gave you with pre-orders.

This is good stuff. Concept art of characters, enemies, bosses, backgrounds, and other stuff. This is a quality artbook to me. Not just some skimpy extra they gave you. So, Atlus gets a thumbs up from me for this~ But that's pretty much what I wanted to say about this. Someday I'll get to play it ^^; Till then~


  1. The Artbook looks neat :)
    but, it's not hard-cover, is it?

    I never played Etrian Odyssey before..

  2. Nah, it's not hard-cover. I mean, the outside covers are sturdy none the less but yeah.

    Hm, well, if you ever decide to get one of the games I will warn you now about the difficulty xD They be known for that. But really, it depends on what skills you give your party and how you build them. Well, and the party itself since you pick what classes you want. That helps alot but it be ultimately up to you in terms of team building.

  3. Yeah, it's always nice when the extras are of decent quality. Kinda defeats the purpose of having them if they're not ^^; Still though, Japan gets way better stuff than we do. Though it is nice to see companies like NISA, Atlus & Konami coming up with good stuff for us too the past few years.

  4. Yep, pretty much ^^; And yes, they do. That's just how it goes. Mhmm, extra effort on their part does mean something for sure. I respect that to a great extent.