Thursday, April 28, 2011

1 day and randomness~

Yes, one more work day to go! Then the fun begins xD Now, for the randomness I'll discuss the announcement of a new Pokemon game that's coming soon. May 21st is apparently the day that this new game will be revealed. But the question is what kind of game is it? I mean, Pokemon covers alot of ground. There's the main games, the spin off games, the stadium games, puzzle games, etc. I think it's safe to say that it will not be a main game considering Black and White just came out. And as for the system it's on, probably Wii or 3DS because it was announced a while back that there were games in development for both those systems. I for one would be happy with a new stadium game for Wii that incorporates the new Pokemon from Gen V. Pokemon Battle Revolution only goes to Gen IV so it would make sense if they made a new game of this style. And definitely include some of the online features of Black and White. That would kick so much butt~

What I don't want it to be is another crappy spin off or port/remake of an old game to the 3DS. That'd be pretty bogus. Though at the moment it doesn't matter cuz I'm not buying games anyways but still xD The point is that's lame. I'll take something interesting in terms of spin offs but I'm really more interested in a new stadium game. But anyways, we'll see what it be come May 21st.

1 day! Almost there! xD


  1. Haha, yes indeed it begins soon~ ^_^

    And that's interesting, though I gotta say it's probably some crap release, being so close to a release of dual main games.

  2. Mhmm~ ^_^

    Hm, well, not really. Considering it's gotta go through Japan first. And they've had Black and White for way longer than us. Who knows when the game will actually come out. It's just being announced on the 21st as to what it is. We'll see though.