Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter and the countdown begins~

Yes, first of all Happy Easter to everyone~ Hope it's been a good one. Even if you did have to work ^^; Hopefully it's still been a good day for you though. And second, the countdown to this Friday, April 29th, I am starting now xD Cuz I feel like it~ I'm going back to New York again that day to be with my Artie again for a few days and that's something worth counting down to ^_^ Especially considering events at the beginning of the month almost made this trip not happen. So, counting today that be 5 days even though this day is pretty much already over. But I'll start today anyways! I'll throw in some other random stuff with these posts as well. Since tomorrow is a special day anyways~ For another reason. But anyways, that's what I'm doing!

5 days! And stuff to come on Pokemon Black and White and AT3 at some point ^^;


  1. Happy Easter! ^_^

    And yes, of course it is~ But yes this is true ^^; That stuff definitely could have nixed the whole thing ^^;; But it didn't, so happy time~

  2. Mhmm ^^; Had me worried for a while but yes, happy time indeed~ Everything be alright now ^_^