Friday, April 8, 2011

Recuperating ^^;

Gaming has been delayed for the past few days. Well, since Monday really cuz I've been in the hospital that entire time. Thankfully I got to come home yesterday though. And I'm feeling much better. Gonna be on blood thinners for a while to make sure no more blood clots come back but for the most part I'm fine and can resume life as usual. Just have to be really careful not to injure myself during this time span as obviously I can bleed very easily with this stuff. So, dodged a bullet there as I caught this problem fairly quickly and took action. Questions remain as to what caused it but I gots people working on that to get an idea. Lots of tests being done and the results have not come back yet. But we shall see what becomes of this in the end. I'm just glad to be home now~

Gaming wise, I have finished Pokemon White and am playing AT3. Gonna get back to that this weekend. Loving the down time at home instead of somewhere else ^^; So, gonna give my final thoughts on Pokemon Black and White at some point and probably initial thoughts on AT3 at some point as well. Until then~


  1. Yeah, a majorly crappy week all around last week was ^^; But that's over with without any more crap going down, thankfully~ Here's to a quiet week for once.

  2. Yeah, that it was ^^; Way too much stuff going on. On both our ends. Mhmm, thankfully indeed~ I'm just glad we're both alright now. Mhmm, yeah, definitely~ No more crazy stuff ^^;