Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Adventures in TN: A Two Year Anniversary to Remember~

Back from a very nice 4 day weekend~ And I describe it as an adventure because it kinda was xD Especially at the end. But can't beat getting to be with the one you love and having a great time together~ Putt-Putt and sitting around chilling. And most importantly celebrating 2 amazing years together ^_^ In person~ Glad we finally got that chance. That milestone has been reached. And I'm glad we won't be having to wait another year before the real big day ^^; Got about 3 months left now. At least August 5th will mark 3 months exactly. I can't believe it's already almost August. But it just means we're that close to the day we've dreamed about for so long~

Artie, I miss you right now ^^; And it's hard to say goodbye after a nice weekend like this but the day is coming where we won't say goodbye anymore. We won't be so far apart. We'll see each other every single day. And we'll build a life together finally. Make our dreams a reality. Your dreams are my dreams and my dreams are your dreams. And you didn't need to do anything to deserve having me in your life. You've always deserved to have someone who loves you for who you are. I have since the first time I met you and always will~ We are literally a match made in Heaven and we were meant to be together. No matter what, through thick and thin, now and forever. I will always be by your side and I'll do anything for you. Always~

So, I hope you had a great time, Artie~ I did my best to make it so ^_^ And even though yesterday turned out to be more adventurous than we thought, it still turned out for the best xD We got to be together longer and it was fun~ So, next stop November, right? It's getting closer and I can't wait. There's so much I want to do with you. So much I've been waiting for. We've got so much life to look forward to and share together. And beyond. Tis just the beginning~ So, till we're face to face again in November ^_^ The big day and with no goodbyes at the end. I love you and Happy 2 Year Anniversary once again~


  1. Hm yeah, it certainly was nothing short of an adventure at the end. Delays & cancelations for ridiculous reasons. Whatever though. Certainly not~ Hm, well yeah xD T'was kinda the point ^_^ Me too. Hm? Nope, only about three months left for that one~ I can ^^; But that's cuz work sucks and drags on. Exactly~

    Aww, I miss you too, Emmy ^^; Yeah, and yes, it is. Mhmm~ Yup ^_^ Mhmm, that they are~ Hm? I guess ^^; I know you have ^_^ You's deserve all of that too and shall always get it from me. Hm? Indeed it seems to be the case. I's happy~ I know you will, as will I for you.

    Of course I did ^_^ Not so much the airport fiasco ^^; Yeah, for sure, and yep. Mhmm~ I figured you'd see it that way, it's how I was too. Luckily work wasn't an issue with that whole thing. Yup, that it is~ Same here, and same here~ Mhmm, indeed we do ^_^ Yup~ Haha, nope, definitely not. Happy two year Anniversary~ And I love you too ^_^

  2. Yep, indeed. Though there is alot of crap going on with the airlines right now. Mhmm, of course it was the point ^_^ Yep, and I'm ready for summer to be over so even more reason for this time to be moving on fast. Hm, yeah, and I can believe it too for that reason but it's still gone by fast ^^;

    I know you do~ It's hard getting back to normal after this ^^; Mhmm, I was referring to what the card you got me said with that xD About what you did to deserve someone like me. That's where that came from if it seemed kinda random. But yeah, I know I will~ You's always given me more than I could have ever dreamed of. Aww, I'm happy too ^_^ Very very much so~ Mhmm, course you will.

    Good good ^_^ I's glad~ Hm, well yeah ^^; But we's got to be together a bit more out of it so it's all good~ Mhmm, of course. Yep, for sure there. Could have been worse. Mhmm, mhmm, I knew you's would agree~ So many wonderful moments and memories yet to come for sure ^_^

  3. Yeah, now there is, though it's mostly an FAA issue with people being furloughed left & right. ie; not getting paid indefinitely. And they don't have to work in that case, unlike if that happens to some of us. We'd get ye 'ole royal shaft. Yeah, we'll see if it does though.

    Hm, well yeah. Being out of the regular grind for a few days will do that ^^; Hm? I know you were. I knew what you meant~ I'm glad to have ^_^

    Yeah, that's the way I looked at it. But of course~ Indeed ^_^

  4. Hm, well, I thought I heard this started on the 22nd ^^; But yeah, pretty much there. Mhmm, we shall see indeed~

    Yeah, it's very hard for more than one reason. Mostly getting used to you not being around. That's the hardest part. And alrighty~ I's just making sure ^_^ Course you are~

  5. It did, but the problems on Monday weren't related to that.

    Mhmm, I know ^^; It's the same for me too, but soon it won't be an issue.

  6. Ah~ Well, I didn't really think so.

    Yeah, I know it is ^^; Mhmm, that it won't be~ Just gots to wait a little longer now.