Friday, March 12, 2010

Star Ocean: Second Evolution and Pokemon~

Okay, so I actually started playing Star Ocean: Second Evolution right after I beat First Departure. But school happened and other stuff and I never got around to posting my initial thoughts about it. I'm not too far into it. A few hours. Basically, I've beaten the first boss and gotten the basic outline of what I'm supposed to be doing. Pretty interesting so far. Hopefully this game has more story than the first one. All of the first game's story was nearly at the end. And the characters didn't get that much development. It was still a good game but yeah. I enjoyed it quite well.

The second game has already shown me they're gonna develop at least Claude and Rena to a good extent. Battle system isn't too different from what I see. I thought it was pretty good anyways. Fun is fun so yeah. I mean the first game was originally on the SNES and the second game on the Playstation. Pretty good gap between them. I'm expecting good things. I love the series. I look forward to seeing connections between the games. So I'm going to try to get back to Second Evolution and beat it.

Ahem. In other news, I have been playing Pokemon games quite a bit. Reason being HeartGold and SoulSilver come out on the 14th of this month. Both of those are my next game purchases which should arrive next week whenever I get them from Amazon. I gets figures with the games too. I is excited~ In the mean time I've been playing Pokemon Platinum and trying to beat it. I'm getting close with 6 badges. Also I've been playing a little bit of Emerald and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. I'll make another post about all of this when the time comes. Especially when I start trying to build a competitive team for Wifi battles. I was holding that off until I got HG and SS because I need them to do this. Anyways, expect more Pokemon stuff in the future with this and the announcement of a 5th generation to boot. Looking forward to the new gen~


  1. New games, whoo hoo! ^_^ ... ^^;;

    It's always good to see an improvement in the second game of a series. I hear that WKC is getting a second game soon & I expect that to be the same way.

    Ooh, figures~ lol Sounds more like work to me there, building a team that is, but if it's fun it's fun.

  2. Indeed xD As if I didn't already have enough games. But I've had Second Evolution for a long time now actually.

    Mhmm, I knew SO2 was vastly improved from SO1 just from what people had said. It gets a thumbs up from me so far. Ooh, yes, I thought I heard something about that too. Definitely room to improve things for sure.

    Yeah, Amazon is like out of the figures already xD You can order without them but yeah. Too many people preordered the games. That be what happens. Hm, yeah, it can be very time consuming doing that. Just going through the game doesn't require that much time obviously. Just if you wanna battle people on wifi. It be completely optional. But yes, it is very fun to me~