Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Okay, so summer school...

Gots my schedule for the summer. Well, I'm signed up for the classes. As long as the professors don't cancel any of my sections I'll be fine. Not likely but if they do I'll sign up for another section. Anyways, it's divided into 2 sessions which is pretty interesting.

First Session~ June 3rd to July 7th
Sociology 310~ 9:45-11:15
Spanish 211~ 11:45-1:15

Second Session~ July 8th to August 10th
Spanish 212~ 9:45-11:15

I basically get a month off before the summer semester starts. Which is nice. I get some kind of break at least. Um, I have to go everyday. Monday through Friday. Obviously. I mean it's such a small period of time to get everything in. But I don't gotta get up at 6am. No way was I going to. Fall semester starts August 18th. I will have that schedule come March 23rd. If all goes right I'll have a nice schedule with only 4 classes in my last semester of college ever. Excitement~ Well, it's exciting for more than one reason ^_^ So anyways, just working my way through. I'll get there. The busy year will be more than worth it at the end.


  1. I remember there being two summer sessions too. I think it's because they only need 5 weeks for one class since it's like 3 hours long each day. Although in your case it seems to be a far lighter load, which is good.

    Almost in the homestretch I see~

  2. Yeah, I'm happy about that. I wouldn't wanna sit in class that long. Gonna go fast anyways in the summer. Gotta stay on top of it.

    Mhmm ^_^ Yes, I am~ I'm getting there.