Sunday, January 15, 2012

Digimon Xros Wars (Episodes 1-54)~

Alright, I have finished the first two arcs of Digimon Xros Wars~ The season itself was split in two with the first 30 episodes being all about collecting code crowns and whoever grabbed all of them could change the Digital World into anything they desired. For better or worse obviously. The last 24 episodes followed Taiki and Shoutmon as they go back to the Digital World, after getting forcefully sent back to the real world by Bugramon, only to find that a lot of time has passed while they were gone and it's been completely conquered by the Bugra Army and split into 7 kingdoms each ruled by a death general.

Story: I'm basing this off other seasons of Digimon not on anime itself but the overall story here is pretty good. They seem to be getting better and better in this area with each new season and that's commendable really. It still follows the basic principle of saving the Digital World from an evil maniac but beyond that there are some deeper elements. Lots of character development and themes that make it not just a kid's anime anymore.

The story follows Taiki, the main guy, and his partner Shoutmon who wants to become king of the Digital World in order to change it into the world it should be. In the first 30 episodes, the way to do this was to collect all of the Code Crowns of the Digital World's areas. Long ago, the Digital World had been broken up like this from a huge clash between the legendary Digimon and Bugramon as they tried to stop him from achieving his ideals. At the end of the first arc, Bugramon manages to nab all of the Code Crowns and forcefully send Taiki and Shoutmon back to the real world. However, while there they meet Omnimon, one of the legendary Digimon, who has the ability to send them back to the Digital World. Turns out he's the one who chose Taiki and gave him the Xros Loader, pinning his hopes that he would be the one to save the Digital World.

Before going back, they have to stop Tactimon who followed them there and is causing havoc. But Shoutmon by himself with no one to DigiXros with doesn't have the power. But with the power of strong bonds and friendship from Taiki's friends in Tactimon's grasp and their courage and determination in the face of death, Shoutmon gains the ability to Super Digivolve into OmegaShoutmon. With this new power he destroys Tactimon and he and Taiki return to the Digital World with Omnimon's help. When they return, the Digital World has been completely transformed and split into 7 kingdoms ruled by Death Generals, the strongest Digimon chosen by the Bugra Army.

Taiki meets up with Nene and Kiriha, who he left behind there, and have been struggling to survive against the Bugra Army's new rule and harsh kingdoms. They team up and Kiriha faces the demons of his past and the truth about friendship and what true friends really are, realizing the truth behind what his father said before he died. Nene faces the reality of using force to stop her little brother from making a huge mistake in thinking the Digital World is just a game. And Taiki faces his weakness of being too kind and learning what has to be done to help someone may not always be what you want to do. Together they discover a new found power of Great Xros to create Shoutmon X7, which helps them defeat most of the Death Generals and stop Nene's little brother, Yuu, from making a huge mistake in thinking what happens here isn't real.

With the loss of some friends and great allies along the way, Taiki and the others manage to arrive at the final destination. They learn of DarkKnightmon and Bugramon being brothers who were both only deceiving each other as being allies. DarkKnightmon wanted to use the power of DigiXros to defeat Bugramon by combining with him and taking his power for himself. However, this backfires as Bugramon is the more powerful of the two and crushes his brother from the inside, taking back control of their new found form. Now with even more power he wants to combine both the real and Digital Worlds, ruling both as the ultimate king. But with help from the legendary Digimon and the Code Crown, which still exists and has chosen Taiki and Shoutmon because of their ideals in turning the Digital World into a peaceful place again, they discover a new power with the help of all the bonds and friendships they created throughout their journey in the Digital World. An even more powerful DigiXros between all the Digimon is born, Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode:

With this, Bugramon is defeated and both worlds are saved. Shoutmon and the other Digimon return to the Digital World to help with the clean up process and turn the Digital World in the peaceful, beautiful place it should be. And Shoutmon obtains his goal of Digimon king. Taiki and the others return to their normal lives in the real world, ready for another adventure that could be coming.

Overall: Xros Wars is a very nice addition to the Digimon series. The music and animation are all top notch and improved. I can feel some inspiration from other anime coming into play as well here. Gurren Lagann being one. It was well worth watching and there's still a third arc to watch taking place a year after the events of the first 54 episodes. Basically, a direct sequel to the first two arcs. I shall be catching all of this and seeing what it's all about.

Localization: This season does appear to be making its way over under the title of Digimon Fusion Battles but I won't be taking any part in it. It's already obvious they are going to ruin it simply by looking at the name changes and some other details. So, I shall be sticking with the subs all the way here.

And with that, I believe that's I need to say about this for now. Until I finish the third arc, so till then~

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