Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pokemon Black and White 2 Info~

What's this? Another post in a short span of time? Craziness! Anyways, joking aside, let's get to the point of this post. Quite a bit of info has surfaced about the new Pokemon Black and White 2 games. As well as a pretty amazing anime introduction movie for the games. Tis where the screenshot above came from. And with the games due out in Japan in just a month, there's certain to be even more info popping up. But for the most part, a basic idea and premise about what the games are all about has been revealed.

 Essentially, the sequels take place 2 years after the events of Black and White. It's all set in the same region but a good portion of the world map seems to be frozen over as you can see above. Obviously, something bad is up with that. But anyways, you'll still encounter all the new Pokemon from generation 5 it seems. And you still choose from the same starter Pokemon. However, the interesting thing is that you'll also encounter a lot of old Pokemon from past generations. Something that was absent from the first two games. The old Pokemon were not encountered through normal means in Black and White anyways. In Black and White 2, you'll encounter them just like any other Pokemon which is pretty awesome. I didn't like being limited to just the generation 5 Pokemon. I'm only fond of a few of them anyways so I was very happy to hear about this. I know two of my favorites are in, Arcanine and Lucario. A few others have been confirmed but we'll just have to wait for the games to come out in Japan to find out the entire list and what is in the new Pokedex.

Another cool thing that was confirmed in the games is the Pokemon World Tournament. Apparently, you can fight old gym leaders, Elite 4 members, and champions in this tournament. The details of how it works and where it is are still not really known. However, it seems you'll be able to download more trainers to battle as time goes on. Probably through Nintendo WiFi mostly. Cynthia, the champion of the Sinnoh region, is apparently the one who organized this tournament and you can see her in the screenshot above.

So, pretty much there's a lot of nostalgia and goodies for long time fans of the series to enjoy here. The male and female main character designs are of course new. This has mostly been the case with any new game. And it just seems like they're trying to build off and focus on the story more. Black and White were definitely a shift in that direction and it looks like they're continuing that path. I have no objections at all to this. More story driven is always a good thing to me. And Black and White had the best and most interesting story in my opinion of the series. But in general, I'm willing to bet there's quite a bit to do in the game. Even after you beat it. Especially if Black and White 2 are the next Gold and Silver. Which would be sweet~

Anyways, the games are due out sometime this fall here. Pretty short turn around really. But we'll know way more next month anyways. If you like to be spoiled of course. So, until next time~

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