Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pokemon X and Y Announcement~

Oh yeah, generation 6 of Pokemon has been announced~ And on the 3DS too no less. Nintendo had to do it at some point. And for the first time, it's a worldwide launch of the game in October. Meaning no localization wait really. That's pretty dang amazing for sure. It was pretty much announced everywhere yesterday via a special Nintendo Direct video online that everyone had known was scheduled to reveal something new since Friday. What we know so far is that the game takes full advantage of the 3DS's capabilities. Meaning the game is in full 3D obviously and judging from the video, it's definitely going to be a big step forward for the series visually wise. Or basically, a bigger step forward from what gen 5 was able to do on the DS. Other than that, it is said this generation will push the total Pokemon count to over 700. Right now it's at 649 so that's rather obvious really since every generation has added at least 100 new Pokes so far.

Anyways, as for the starters, I have no complaints about the designs at all really. I kind of like them better than generation 5's to be honest. But I'll wait to see their evolutions before I make that decision. Just don't make the freakin' fire type fire/fighting in the final form. That's pretty old at this point after the last 3 generations. Keep it fresh, guys. I'd lean towards the fire and water types at this point but we will see as more info emerges. Can't wait to see some more of the new Pokemon as time goes on. As well as any new mechanics and game play elements they add in. Only time will tell so just have to stay tuned~

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