Sunday, February 27, 2011

Star Ocean 4 beaten~

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, lets talk a little bit about SO4, shall we? Never got a chance to do an initial comments post about it but I beat it so it's too late for that now xD Anyways, this game is supposed to preclude all three of the other games in the series. And I have to say they did a good job referencing and tying some things in from the other games in the series. You start the game out with Edge and Reimi who are on a mission to help find new inhabitable planets for Earthlings. Why? Because the earth has been ravaged and made almost inhabitable from the effects of World War 3. People pretty much live underground. So anyways, what starts out as this mission turns into more as they explore some other planets.

One of these being an earth from another dimension that Edge ultimately helps the people there destroy because he gives them technology they can't control in hopes of changing earth's future. This is before he realizes this isn't an earth from the past but simply another dimension entirely. But that weight of realizing what he's done, even though he didn't destroy the real earth, is a critical turning point in the game. And it's one that takes him a while in the game to get past. This was one of the most interesting parts in the game to me though. And it's carried through the rest of the game and summized by what happens at the end of the story.

The game's story focuses alot on interfering with the evolution of other planets. Like interfering with a planet's civilization that's not really as developed as earth is. Obviously you shouldn't give super powerful technology or even interfere with their lives much at all. Basically, leaving those planets alone to develop and grow on their own. Not speeding it up or messing it up. However, a phenomenon has been showing up on planets and speeding up that process in a dangerous way. The more Edge and company find these things the more serious it becomes. And yes, this becomes the entire point of the game in the end. To stop this phenomenon from ultimately destroying the universe.

It's decided that to do this they should destroy the link that's providing the energy to the main body, called the Missing Procedure. Reason being it is invincible and it's impossible to destroy all the units sending energy to the link in between. Makes the most sense right? And this ends up being the final boss. Which is actually interesting. It's a two part fight and once you beat the first form you find out it's one of your former party members who somehow got combined with the link. That was kinda surprising because I believed he was dead for a while and then he shows up as the final boss in a manner of speaking. The second form was pretty tough too. At one point I just took control of my healer and spammed my healing moves xD

After the fight, Faize admits he just took the power in front of him. Instead of walking on his own and gaining it by his own means. And the game makes you think Edge and him die there but of course they didn't. In the end, the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact is put into place by an alliance between earth and a bunch of other planets. Kinda like the United Nations today. And this pact came about greatly in part because of Edge and what he experienced on his travels in space. Which is preserving underdeveloped planets and not interfering in their history, evolution, or growth. And this pact comes up in all the games I believed. Especially 3. It was interesting how they rounded that out and pretty much showed you how it came to be.

So anyways, my main party for alot of the game was Edge, Reimi, Meracle, and Sarah. I just loved this party and Meracle is awesome. Battle wise and character wise. She's a lesser fellpool, a race on Roak, which is basically a cat-like human xD She has cat ears and a tail. And blue hair which is awesome by itself. Course being able to visit Roak was awesome too. The battle system in this game was really fun but SO3's just shines the most to me. I can honestly say now that SO3 has the best battle system of the series to me. So, twas a fun game with a good story. I really enjoyed it. A great addition to the series in my opinion. And whether they continue on with the series or not it's got a place in my heart always~

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