Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hare + Guu complete collection~

And by complete collection I mean buying all 7 volumes of the anime separately cuz the box set is ridiculous. Saving $63 is pretty amazing in that respect. But anyways, the title is read as Hare and Guu or if you prefer in Japanese Hare nochi Guu. And yes, that is a beer Hare's mom is holding in that picture xD It's funny how I even became interested in this anime. The first time I ever saw glimpses of it was a blooper video on Youtube. And these bloopers are actually on the DVD's themselves so I'm sure that's where it came from. It's just funny out takes and stuff by the voices actors. Which is even more hilarious coming from a show that's hilarious to begin with. I just knew I would love this anime and I was right.

Anyways, it was a while after that that I found the episodes online and watched them. It's a crazy, out there anime. But it's so freakin' funny and entertaining. I love the tropical island atmosphere and just the plot in general. Because yeah, the show is hilarious but it does have a nice plot none the less. Centers alot on family. Such good stuff so I had to get my hands on the anime for myself. So, tis mine now ^^ And I'm very happy to have it. Not much else to say as of late. I might as well beat SO4 at this point instead of making an initial post about it xD And my new job has been taking up alot of time obviously. But anyways, until next time~

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