Friday, January 28, 2011

Tales of Graces F localization~

Yes, finally we get another Tales game. After like what, since Vesperia on the 360 which was in August of 2008. Way to go Bamco~ Couldn't even give us Vesperia on the PS3 which had WAY more stuff in it. Like it was completely redone and it was a game you already had most of the translation for and the rights to. Whatever though. No one really cares about it anymore. So anyways, Graces was beginning to seem like a lost cause too after the Wii version epically failed to come over. It was riddled with bugs anyways though from what I heard so that's probably why. Don't know what the deal was with not bringing over any the DS mothership titles. Oh well. Lets hope Bamco keeps it up and brings over that new game coming to Japan sometime this year as well. Xillia is what it's called. Not getting my hopes up on that of course. But I am looking forward to Graces and playing another true Tales game finally.

Oh and on another Tales note, Bandai Entertainment apparently acquired the license to the Tales of the Abyss anime back in July. So, when that's available on DVD or whatever they're doing it shall be mine. My favorite Tales game and one of my favorite games in general. And I loved the anime cuz I've already watched it with subs. Never thought they'd bring it over here of course. So yay for that as well~


  1. Those screwballs can be useful for something after all I see xD Nothing like waiting forever though.

  2. Yeah, when they wanna be I guess xD But yeah, long freakin' wait indeed. And more waiting to come till the game actually gets here of course.