Saturday, January 8, 2011

Donkey Kong Country Returns beaten~

Yes, another game beaten xD And this was a last life finish which is the best kind and most epic~ Anyways, so, some comments about this game. First off, the music is superb. Why? Because they remixed stuff from the first DKC game and made it sound awesome. But it's not as if they couldn't come up with their own music or something. There were original tracks as well and they were great too. Music is a special part of any game for me so it gets big points in this category. And as I said not just for the nostalgia factor.

Next, levels. The game is divided into 8 areas. Obviously a staple of most platformers that goes back to the old days. First one is pretty easy. In fact the first level has the same name as the first level in DKC1: Jungle Hijinx. But while they are easy, they quickly make you learn the mechanics fast. And if you don't get these down you ain't going far. You may think well duh to that statement but seriously. Do not go into this game thinking the controls, the level design, or even the overall thinking that went into the original three DKC games is the same. I mean, I didn't but because I was so used to the other three games and played them so much I still paid for it.

The 2nd area is definitely my favorite one in the game. It's the beach area and there's lots pirate ships and things of that nature. In one of those levels you have to dodge cannon fire and it's really fun xD There's also the one where you have to run from a giant squid that's chasing you and breaking the path behind you. Oh and dodging his tentacles as they spring up randomly. And one more level I'll give praise to was one where you had to dodge these really high waves because there was a storm on the beach. You had to duck behind or hide behind rocks or other things to keep from getting washed away. That whole area is memorable to me and is definitely the most fun. Even the bosses of that area were pirates which is great~ Oh and speaking of bosses, they were actually pretty good in this game. The final boss in particular provided a pretty good challenge. As I said before I beat him on my last life so it got intense there~

Um, some negatives about the game. First off, there are nowhere near enough DK barrels in the levels. By my standards, there should be one at the beginning and one near or after the checkpoint in a level. Even though Diddy isn't even a separate playable character anyways. He just gives you two more hits and stays with you until those hits are gone. You move faster and can hover though while you have him so it's useful. I'd rather have him than not even though I beat the final boss without him cuz they didn't give you anymore DK barrel once you reached him. Another thing is the mine cart levels and barrel rocket levels. Those things were dang brutal and evil. You hit one thing and it's instant death. Really annoying. Thank goodness for checkpoints with those levels. And there were other annoying things to the point where I thought the creators of the game wanted to punish me for being so used to the old DKC mindset. But whatever. There are more positives than negatives and it was still a good game for what it was worth.

Don't get me wrong though. I am in complete agreement with other people that this is not a DKC game. Nowhere near being able to be called DKC4. It's just a throw back to DKC1 on the Wii, taking advantage of updated graphics and enhanced controls. But I'll take the old stuff any day. So anyways, now I'm off to play Star Ocean 2 and 4 so expect alot of Star Ocean stuff in the near future xD


  1. Another victory in the bag~ xD

    But yeah, "remakes" seem to be way too common these days. Seems like game makers are going the Hollywood route >_> Which is lame, and weak. Out of ideas after only 30 years people? Really?

  2. Yep xD
    Mhmm, pretty dang much. It is lame and weak. Though the original people who worked on the first three didn't with this one so that might have something to do with it too. They tried and had some good ideas but meh. Not the same.