Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cross Edge beaten~

And the true end obtained~ Which was um, interesting to say the least at the end there xD Of course it begged many questions from me but I wasn't about to start questioning things logically about this game. Anyways, story wise it was pretty much what I expected from it. It had alot of funny stuff in it and an interesting enough plot for what it was. I did enjoy it for what it was. The battle system really kicked butt once I got into it. I mean, I got into combos enough to score a 188 hit on a boss so I guess I did alright in that respect. My main party remained Lyner, Morrigan, Raze, and Aurica throughout the game. Twas my fave and I made some great combos with them.

One thing though ^^; I know they meant to put alot of sexual innuendo and stuff like that to please fans of the different series. They want their eye candy and blah blah. But twas kinda too much breast action and emphasis of that nature for me. I mean seriously, Anesha's level up quote is I did my best to skip it as fast as possible every time. I guess as a female playing this game it just annoyed me more than it would someone else. I mean, there was funny stuff and then there was just forced stuff. Didn't ruin the game for me but that's my only beef really. Anyways, good game and I enjoyed it alot while it lasted. Don't know if I'll end up doing post game some day or not. Too many other games ^^; So for now, I have DKCR to finish and Star Ocean 2 and 4 to beat. Going into Star Ocean mode~ Until then~


  1. Yay, butts have been kicked~ xD And the first win of the year to boot! I know I'm going to be falling way short of last year's total wins.

  2. Indeed they have been xD Mhmm~ And I beat something else last night so that's two already. Hm? Ah ^^; Won't take much for me to beat last year's total in my case. Considering I didn't beat too many so yeah xD