Saturday, January 22, 2011

Etrian Odyssey 2 beaten~

After quite a long time I finally beat this game ^^; Well, you don't really fly through these games in the first place. But anyways, the story for what it was was pretty nice. I mean, the EO series isn't known for its amazing storylines or anything. It's known for its character customization and exploration more than anything else. And they definitely do that in an awesome way and keep making it better. Anyways, the story goes that the duke of High Lagaard is deathly sick and his daughter is looking for something called the Grail of Kings to make a panacea to heal him. This so called Grail of Kings exists at the top of the Yggdrasil Labyrinth and they've been looking for a strong group of explorers who might reach the top and find it. Which is whatever team you build in the game obviously.

So you explore and get some other items she needs along the way. And when you finally reach the top of the floating castle you meet the Overlord. Apparently a human who isn't really human anymore who's been researching a way to grant humanity immortality. Though the only thing he's managed to do is turned people into crazy monsters. Hello Colossus on the 23rd floor. So anyways, you have to fight him to get the Grail of Kings and he has two forms. The scary thing is after you kill the first form if you're not really paying attention to the text you might pick the wrong choice to a question and get an instant game over. Gotta be careful. Anyways, his first form isn't bad but the second form can definitely knock you around. Twas a very satisfying final boss fight I must say.

The stratum designs and environments they chose for those were nice. The simple forest of the first stratum, then the fall atmosphere of the second stratum, a frozen winter land for the third, falling flower petals in the fourth, the weird golden castle design of the fifth, and the fields of flowers in the forbidden wood of the sixth. And I chose not to do post game because I didn't feel like it and there's no extra rewards in EO3 for doing it. Not like with EO1 to EO2. I did unlock the sixth stratum to see what it looked like and explored it a little bit but yeah. I was wanting to move on to EO3 so there you go. So, here be the team I used for most of the game:

Thunder (Landsknecht)
Level: 64
Main skill: All-Slash

Rami (Protector)
Level: 64
Main skill: Smite

Wolforg (Beast)
Level: 64
Main skill: Devour

Aika (Medic)
Level: 64
Main skill: Salve 2

Arcadia (Gunner)
Level: 64
Main skill: Ricochet

As you can see some be named after people xD Anyways Wolforg is the only one I didn't have from the beginning because you had to unlock the beast class. Which was after the first stratum. So yeah, moving on to EO3 now which is already proving to be interesting. Totally different character classes which is great so at some point I shall be making a post about first impressions of it and SO4 as well. So until then~

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