Wednesday, June 22, 2011

3DS: Definitely a future purchase

Not that I was on the fence about getting one to begin with but I wasn't gonna buy one right out of the gate. Number one there isn't enough games yet and number two there could be issues with the first batch of systems made. Better to wait in all regards. Plus, I want more colors to choose from xD I know I mentioned this with my Tales of the Abyss for 3DS post before. But anyways, I don't really care about the 3D feature. In fact, I'll probably keep it turned off most of the time. At least Nintendo gave you a choice with that. Much appreciated there~

So, pretty much with all the games I've seen announced for the system since E3 and all that definitely got me saying heck yeah, I want one. A new game called Super Mario that brings back an old favorite power up from Super Mario Bros. 3, yes the raccoon thing, new Mario Kart, Sonic Generations, and of course Tales of the Abyss I mentioned earlier. Not to mention a whole range of prospects for more awesome games. Oh and the handheld Virtual Console. It's like the Virtual Console for the Wii where you can buy SNES, N64, Genesis, and other old console games like that except it's one for like the old Gameboy games and other handheld system games that you can purchase and play on the 3DS. And one game I already want from there is Super Mario Land. Man, I loved those games on the Gameboy and they have announced the first one to be on the VC and I'm hoping that 2 and 3 follow.

Anyways, there are other games that interest me for the system as well like Cave Story but we shall see what the future holds for it. Despite video games slowly becoming a lesser part of my life and will eventually become nonexistent at some point I do have more of an attachment to portable stuff. Nintendo's stuff mostly. I don't know that I'll get Playstation's new Vita system. So anyways, this could be the last system I ever buy. I've seen the new stuff at E3 and I just keep thinking I'm not really interested anymore. And my money is just way better spent obviously in the future. But we'll see where all this goes in the end for me. So, till next time~


  1. I gotta say that for me, I'm probably sitting on my last generation of consoles. I mean even Gust & IF as good as they are, aren't enough to justify buying newer consoles at this point. Now if Konami finally breaks down & makes a game for the Drac's last stand (aka; the 1999 fight) in CV, that's gonna be a majorly tempting draw. But yeah, it's always a good idea to wait till they get the bugs out of things before jumping in with new hardware.

    That raccoon flying thing was indeed kickass~ xD Definitely a winner they should have stuck with. Mario Kart xD I played that for about 5 mins the other night on an impulse. But yeah, even if I resume playing I gotta say one game a year is probably it.

  2. Well, yeah, I can honestly say I'm probably done with the big consoles from all three companies at this point. I just want this because it's portable and that's all I see myself playing in the future. There's some good stuff coming for this thing and I can still play my old DS games on it too. I can justify my purchase in other words. But yeah, I really see this as my last system. Which I won't be getting any time soon anyways ^^; So, the having to wait kinda works in my favor really xD

    Haha, yeah xD I don't know why they ever got rid of it honestly. I always thought that was a fan fave. Good to see them digging stuff back out though like that. Oh? Haha, nice~ My sister and I played Super Mario Kart so much when we were younger. I've always been a fan of those games. But yeah *nods* That's pretty much all I see for me too. It'll be very limited regardless.

  3. Hm, well yeah I probably am too. I don't see the growth rate of the PS3's library slowing down any time soon. And that's what really matters. The library of games.

    Indeed. I meant the Game Cube version ^^; Double Dash I think it's called. But yeah, it's always good for a little bit. Mhmm, pretty much. I'd probably end up going with one company one year, then the other the next, and so on switching between the two xD

  4. Yeah, exactly. I'm still gonna be playing my other consoles for a good while to come so I'm good in that respect.

    Ah~ Well, I have that one too xD I have all of them really. And all of them I've played with my sister but the SNES version we've played more together. I main Yoshi in all of them~ And Baby Bowser is my partner if I'm playing DD. But yeah, they are fun~ Mhmm, and that would work xD Whatever is good for you there~

  5. Mhmm, well yeah, that's what a backlog is for xD

    Somehow I figured so~ On all of that xD