Tuesday, September 6, 2011

~Two months~

Beating someone else to the punch here xD But I's can't resist~ And I's just wanna help him out since he's having a crazy week. Anyways, something wonderfully amazing be happening in two months now ^_^ Another month be down~ Here's to hoping time goes by fast for us so the waiting will be over and we'll be together at last finally~ I love you, Artie ^_^

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day yesterday as well~


  1. Hm? Yeah, you did~ My mind has been in a total daze/haze of weirdness the past two days ever since Monday afternoon and it's peeving me ^^;

    But yeah, down to less than two months now~ ^_^ Mhmm, indeed it will be~ And is~ Yeah, though it already is flying by ultra fast xD I love you too, Emmy ^_^

    Ditto xD

  2. Yeah, I've noticed ^^; Sorry it's been that way. Crazy scheduling this week certainly doesn't help in the slightest either.

    Mhmm ^_^ Haha, yeah, it is going by rather fast for sure. Here's to hoping that keeps on going~

  3. It's alright, it's nearly all gone now~ And no, that never helps a thing.

    Yeah, though I'd swear it's been way more than 6 weeks since that July trip ^^; Feels like a good three months to me ^^;

  4. Good good~

    Hm? Um, yeah, I know what you mean ^^; But that's for obvious reasons too. It felt like forever since I'd seen you last after the April trip. Like way longer than it was. But yeah, it's just being so far apart and missing each other like crazy ^^;;