Wednesday, October 5, 2011

~One Month~

Just one more month before something completely amazing and wonderful happens~ Don't know if another countdown should be in place like when it gets within a few days or something xD But anyways, time is really moving along~ And it can keep on moving to November 5th as quickly as possible. The wait be almost over ^_^ And everything is pretty much ready to go for the big day~ Over two years in waiting and dreaming of this day. Tis much anticipated by both of us~ And we will be happy together. Always~


  1. Indeed it is~ Down to the last one now xD Hm? Well that's really up to you ^^; The only one we really need is the one for the days under 10 since the others are covered already ^^; Yeah, for two main reasons now. Good~ Mhmm, that it is~ ^_^ That we will ^_^ Mhmm~

  2. Yep xD Hm? Well, yeah, and that's what I meant ^^; When it gets down to that point. Mhmm, yep. Yeah, getting more excited everyday really ^^; But it shall be here soon enough now~