Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bamco Teases at News

So, apparently Bamco has hinted at some news late this month on their Twitter page for Tales Of. Whether or not this will actually lead to anything interesting at all or relevant is obviously up in the air. Since Bamco likes to do that nonsense. But from what I saw people saying, this is similar to what they did when they announced Graces for localization. Guess we'll just have to see what the heck this is about later this month. Obviously, the only real conclusion to come to here is Xillia for localization. There's nothing else really it could be. Their line up of games is a bunch of other crap that Tales fans don't care about. So, to post this on this Twitter page would just be lame all heck if it actually had no relevance to Tales at all. But it's Bamco, so that could very well happen too. After all, they had no mention of anything really special at E3 from what I saw. It was pretty lame from what people have said about their showing. But anyways, until next time~

Link to Teased News

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