Monday, July 2, 2012

Pokemon Black and White 2 Release Date!

So, we've finally got confirmation on the release date for these games. October 7th for the US and the 12th for Europe. Pretty dang fast turn around there. Definitely looking forward to this as with all Pokemon games. I will be getting Black 2 as I got White the first time around. That and Black 2 can unlock the harder difficulty mode after beating the game. Which I totally want without any inconvenience of trading for it so my decision was easily made all around really. I will see first hand just how much harder they make the game since this is their first attempt at adding other difficulties. Course I'll have to beat it first on normal but that is perfectly fine with me. Anyways, hopefully we'll get some kind of pre-order bonus as we usually do or something special like that. They're usually good about stuff like that. We shall see though in due time~

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