Thursday, February 28, 2013

Etrian Odyssey IV released!

Well, actually it released on Tuesday but better late than never ^^; You got your copy? Cuz I got mine~ With the pre-order artbook and music CD. There's some nice stuff in the artbook, including messages from the music composer and Daisuke Kanada from Atlus. The music CD actually has the rough work of the music in the game before it was fully orchestrated. Which this is the first game in the series to have fully orchestrated music. I think it's very interesting that these tracks created with a synthesizer first became fully orchestrated in the end. I'm looking forward to listening to the tracks and then hearing the final products in the game itself. Anyways, enjoy the game everyone! I've gotta beat Etrian Odyssey III first before I start this one ^^; But expect more on this in the future~

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