Saturday, March 23, 2013

Digimon Xros Wars (3rd Arc) - Initial Thoughts

So, I've gotten back into finishing off the previous season of Digimon. Technically, I finished off the first two parts of it. The third arc just seems like a side story to me. There's not nearly as many episodes. I'm about halfway through it at this point. My impressions are it's still good just not as good as the first two arcs. Most episodes just revolves around Tagiru (the new main character) and his partner Gumdramon as they both try to be better than Taiki and Shoutmon. Good luck with that one. Tagiru is a young hyper kid who just jumps into everything without thinking. Gumdramon is the same way.

Basically, there are areas called Digiquartz that are very close to the real world and the Digimon living there are causing problems in the real world. They are being drawn to human emotions and feeding off it. Think of Digiquartz as like an alternate dimension of an area in the real world. Hunters (those with Xros Loaders and Digimon partners) can Time Shift into these areas from anywhere in the real world. Where ever they are standing in the real world, they go to the Digiquartz version of it.

Anyways, some old man who is a clock maker and has a Clockmon partner, seems to have created this game where Hunters compete with one another. They enter Digiquartz and try to capture the Digimon within to expand their collection. They can also Digixros their partners. There are rules to this game of course. You can only Digixros two partners at a time and only fight with one Digimon at a time. Obviously, there's something up with this old guy handing out Xros Loaders to young people.

There are plenty of characters returning onto the scene from the previous two arcs. Taiki and Shoutmon of course. Which Shoutmon is just plain badass now. He's the dang king of the Digital World. Yuu is also a main character now with Damemon. There are other surprises as well but I'm not here to spoil the show for anyone. Anyways, when I finish this up I'll give my final review of the season. Till then, hope for a localization of Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode and look forward to the English dub of this season coming to Nickelodeon at some point~

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