Monday, March 25, 2013

A new Etrian Odyssey game already?

Apparently so, according to Siliconera (Link to that here). Seems that EO4 wasn't directed by Shigeo Komori, who is the series director of the other three games. Basically, he's the main face behind the EO series in general, but at the time that EO4 was in development he was busy with other things. Daisuke Kanada directed EO4 who is probably best known for the Trauma Team series. Anyways, I guess Komori wants to direct another EO game since to him it's really been 4 years since EO3. He says he's looking to take the series in a new direction. Which is always a could be good or could be bad situation but I think it'll be alright. I'm looking forward to seeing what Komori has to show. Which looks like it'll be soon since he says he feels the game is nearing completion. Guess we'll just have to stay tuned~

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