Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pokemon Black and White final thoughts~

Been a long time coming for this commentary but lots of stuff has been going on for the past few months ^^; I beat Pokemon White like at the end of March actually. But I just never got around to writing this up. Been kinda busy. So anyways, lets talk about the 5th generation of Pokemon~

First, the Pokemon themselves. I personally viewed this gen as they scraped the bottom of the barrel for these new Pokemon. I mean really. They're not terrible but not very interesting either. But hey, after 4 generations of coming up with new creatures I guess it would get hard. My point is just that the creativity here was kinda lacking. I myself did not care for alot of the Pokemon designs they came up with. The starter Pokemon are fine and some of the others are pretty cool but yeah. If I had to pick like a favorite Pokemon of this gen it'd be Oshawott and its evolution line. Twas the starting Pokemon I chose and I loved it throughout the entire game~

Um, second, just game mechanics in general. Not too much is different with how battles work. Other than some new battle styles like Triple Battle and Rotation Battle. Sure the improved graphics and sprite animations does play an amazing role in the aspect of battles too. They did a great job improving the overall visuals and environments of the entire game really. Which one new thing to these games is changing seasons. And with each season change, you can see the effects on the outside environment. Definitely a good add on. And the season changes every month in real life since your DS keeps track of date and time on its own. What system doesn't anymore? So, for instance this month, May, in the game it's spring. When June comes along it'll be summer and then July it'll be fall. Continuing like that. Which is good the way they set it up so you don't have to wait a long time for a specific season to hit in real life ^^; Since obviously winter is not in August xD

Third, the story and characters. I've said it before but this generation of Pokemon may not have had the best designs of Pokemon to me but it did shine tremendously well in the story department. Pokemon isn't really known for amazing and great stories in their games but this time they put more effort into that aspect. They give you two rivals instead of one this time. Both of which have their own troubles and issues to work through. And the villain group, although they're all really hypocrites for it, had an interesting motive behind their actions. We've come a long way from Team Rocket in the first gen who were just basically petty thieves. Stealing Pokemon from trainers and seeking out the rarest Pokemon as well. So, in the end I was impressed very much so with this part of the game.

Fourth and final discussion, extra features. The game has a ton in the way of this. From lots to do in post game to syncing your game online to access other fun features to trading and battling online, they made sure not to go light here and went all out. And of course the periodic mystery gift and other online events still continue, where you can get certain Pokemon and other stuff this way. Post game in and of itself offers alot for you to do. So, the game will keep most people playing for a while. Even if it's just to keep up with events or whatever. But especially if you plan to complete everything.

So, in conclusion, Pokemon Black and White have definitely ended up as the best Pokemon games to date for me. It doesn't even matter if the Pokemon of this gen weren't the best to me since you can bring over any Pokemon from any gen you want. The point is all the other improvements and additions. So, like I say 5 stars from me. Good stuff. I definitely enjoyed this adventure~ And I'll continue to play it somewhat for events and online battles. In the meantime, my main efforts are focused on AT3 and beating that game. So, till then~

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