Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tales of the Abyss for 3DS confirmed~

Yes, believe it or not Nintendo Power confirmed that this would be getting a North America release at some point. I'm not incredibly shocked considering it was brought over to begin with on PS2 but it just seemed like something Bamco would skip in terms of bringing over again on another console. Just looking at how they've been in general with this stuff. But I guess they've bought into the hype of the 3DS as well and decided go with it. Not that I'm complaining about this. Not at all it's just because it's Bamco and all xD

Anyways, I do want a 3DS at some point but not for the 3D aspect. Like, I could care less about that feature to be honest. It's just eventually I know I'm going to have to upgrade to get games I want. And it's backwards compatible so I can still do all I ever did with my old DS models. Except play GBA games but only the really old DS's still do that. Which I still have mine along with my new DSi xD So, I have two actually. But I won't be getting one anytime soon obviously. Besides, I don't buy stuff like that right out of the gate. I'll let them come out with other models and features as well as more colors. And TotA won't be here for a dang while knowing Bamco so it's all good xD I's got plenty of time~ So, looking forward to playing my favorite Tales game and one of my favorite games in general again in the future. And on a portable system~ Good stuff ^_^


  1. It's interesting, but not surprising. These types of companies do what you don't expect and not what you do expect.

  2. That's pretty much Bamco in a nutshell, yes xD