Sunday, October 18, 2009

Here's what I mean by randomness~

Hm, some say she's silly but I think she's just like me. Oh, that's the same thing~

Yep, she's the sweet one. So much easier to take her picture. She doesn't move as much.

Imma play the PS2 just like my granny~

Yeah, remember I'm still petting you even though you're chewing on my headphone cord~

Enjoy the randomness!


  1. lol That third one is pretty funny~ My cat watches the TV when I play games sometimes.

  2. Are you laughing more at that fact or the fact that I called myself her granny? xD

    I have to be though. I'm Munchie's mommy, she's Pooky's mommy, so I'm the granny. Makes sense~

  3. ^^; Um, was actually laughing at the concept of her playing the PS2, not at what you wrote. But now that you mention it~ xD

  4. Haha xD I just had to ask. Both sides are funny.

  5. Somehow... I knew your blog would be like this :3 completely random lol

    Cool Hamster BTW. Never had one myself, just Rats and Guinea Pigs

  6. xD It's true. It's not hard to guess with me.

    Thanks ^_^ Twas an interesting experience when the lighter colored one had babies like a month after I got her. And the brown one be one of those babies. The only girl out of 7 babies. I gave the rest of them away to people. It's amazing how many people wanted one. Course I wasn't charging either.

    Oh, I've seen that one picture of you with a guinea pig on ARM. In the picture topic. I remembered that just now after reading that~