Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So that ARM game~

Yeah! I told you guys!

Looks at my awesome team. lol the mouse *huggles Pooky*

No way! Just kidding xD We can stay. Only for you Infel~

Yes! Butt kicking time!

Hehe, that's right~

Infel no coming with? *sad'd*

Anyways, tis a fun game. And addicting. It's just special because it has characters that people from ARM made in it xD So anyways, it's a character recruitment type of game. With that ARM to Hand Village being the base. I don't even know how many characters are in this already. Over 50 I know. I look forward to the rest of the game. Will be interesting. I thank Trass for all his hard work so far ^_^

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