Friday, October 30, 2009

Wait, what's this game again?

Been so long since I played it I can't recall xD
Joking aside, finally got to play MK2 again today. The horrible week of exams is over. I know I did well on one already and the other 2 I'm confident I did well. I am happy. Very much so. And I'm still on Chapter 4 of Ulrika's path! Hopefully I will progress much further this weekend. After my horribly ruined Saturday morning. Ugh. I'll save that rant for another day. But for now, screenies!

Really now, Chloe? Are you serious?

Weirdest team ever~

Thus ends my random post for the day~
Oh and a special thanks to Artie for all your support this week. It was a tough one in many ways with getting sick and exams. But thank you for everything. I got through this with your help. I know it goes without saying but I had to say it.


  1. ^_^ You're very welcome, Emmy. I'll always be there for you. *hugs tight* It definitely was a rough one. But a rough week with a good ending.

  2. ^_^ *hugs tight* Yes, it had a great ending~